Home and Away @ ISE Cultural Foundation in New York, 5 Nov - 31 Dec, 2011

Thanks for ISE Cultural Foundation,  the director Tomi, Yuko and everyone who showed up at the opening and artist talk!!! It was a great turnout! and the exhibition is still going on until 31 Dec, 2011.
If there is anyone in New York, please come and take a look!!

 Reasons to Travel, Ting-Ting Cheng

The End, Barney and Lucy Heywood

Will you ever go back? Joanna Zylinska

Time-Windows: Squaring up to the Past, Alexandra Wolkowicz

 Every corner of my Flat, Chong Boon Pok

Paralleling Memories, Chu Yin-Hua 

For more information: http://iseny.org/usr_helio1/index.php


Home and Away, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

Home and Away is going to be exhibited in Castlefield Gallery in Manchester!
Opening: 26 Aug, 6pm-8pm
27 Aug - 5 Sep
Everyone welcome!


Fringe Art Bath, Home and Away opening has successfully finished!

Thanks for everyone coming!
The exhibition is still going on until 13 June,
If you missed the opening, please go to see our works!

Venue: The Octagon, Milsom Place

Sat 29th May-Sat 12th June 11am-5pm, Sun 13th 11am-3pm


Home and Away, Fringe Art Bath

Home and Away is going to be featured in Fringe Art Bath!

Venue: The Octagon, Milsom Place
Opening: 28 May, 2010 6pm-9pm
Sat 29th May-Sat 12th June 11am-5pm, Sun 13th 11am-3pm

RSVP to homeandaway2010@gmail.com



Home And Away

Why do people travel? What does it mean to be away from ‘home’? Does our idea of ‘home’ change and transmute the more we travel, or does it perhaps only come into existence when we leave the physical reality behind? Can we ever simply and unproblematically ‘return home’ after our travels, and will it be the same ‘home’ we left? How do we negotiate between our past spatial memories and the new geographical locations we find ourselves in? Last but not least, can we ever really experience a new place for the first time, outside its familiar representations in maps, guidebooks, films and news programmes?

This exhibition features the work of six UK-based artists - Ting-Ting Cheng, Joanna Zylinska, Chu Yin-Hua, Alexandra Wolkowicz and Barney & Lucy Heywood - who use photography and video to ask poignant questions about spatial identity, geographical belonging and the passage of time. Suspended between dream, memory and imagination, the projects presented here offer a poetic reflection on the movement of bodies and minds across cities, continents and cultures in the age of globalisation.

Further information please contact homeandaway2010@gmail.com